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One simple question

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Sometimes it's just good to look around as people walk by - - and wonder who they are, where they've come from and where they're going - - and to pray that perhaps my life can touch one of those people with the love of Jesus.


Today I stumbled across a video on VIMEO - - it says a lot about people - - how they dream, how they hope, and how they want to be happy.  It may not be a complex or overly creative video, in fact it's just a bunch of people looking into a camera, answering one simple question.  Watch it, and I'm pretty sure you'll be uplifted, smile, and maybe even wish you could reach out and help one or two of the people you meet in the video to realize their dream come true.


What's the question they're answering?  Listen for yourself.


A busy Fall

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Now that the entire team is back in the office, we're all focusing on the days ahead.  So much to do, and so much to look forward to!


Starfield have been busy on the road with Article One, traveling, singing and joining with believers to lift up the name of Jesus.  Their Canadian tour begins October 27th in Montreal - that's less than 2 weeks away - and we're excited to be together with many of our brothers and sisters celebrating God's love as we travel across the country.  Check out the Events link and mark the date on your calendar when Starfield are in a city near you!


The Unite In Worship Conference at the ROM in Toronto is the next BIG thing.  Be sure to look through all the information on this website and register.  We would love to see you there... and more than that, we would love to see you there being filled with encouragement, love and greater faith.


Next on the calendar is the exciting release of the iHeart film: We're All In This Together.  Take a look at the iHeart blog to follow all the excitement, and get involved in promoting the film to your circle of influence.  Put a big circle around November 4th on your calendar and join us at a theatre near you!


There's lots to get ready for and lots to do - - we hope you'll take advantage of all the exciting things that Unite Productions are bringing your way this Fall!


Chris Tomlin/Kristian Stanfill

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It’s exciting to watch the tickets sell out in almost every city for the “Chris Tomlin – Hello Love” tour.  It’s obvious that a lot of people love Chris’s music and are eager to join him for a night of worship.  So many of us have been singing Chris’s songs at church (and in our cars and homes) for many years.  They’re the kind of anthems that echo over and over again in our heads long after the music stops.  They’re the kind of anthems that proclaim such loud, beautiful truths about our powerful, loving God.  It’s going to be fantastic to be together in just over a week worshiping Jesus as Chris leads us.


Joining Chris on this tour is Kristian Stanfill - be sure you get to know his songs.  He’s a worship leader from Atlanta and has recently released a new CD – Attention.  Visit Kristian’s MySpace and listen to some of the seven songs/clips available there.  You’ll be glad you did.


If you live near any of the cities on the Chris Tomlin tour we hope you’ll be able to be a part of an incredible evening of lifting our voices to our wonderful Lord!


Get ready to Learn

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It’s back-to-school season. Maybe it’s your first time to send a little one to school; or perhaps lots of kids walk out your door on their way to the bus stop; or maybe you are going back to class again. It may even be the first year you’re not sending someone to school, or not returning again yourself. Whether in the classroom or not, everyone agrees that we never stop learning, and we never stop being students of life.

An amazing and unique learning opportunity is ready for you at the Royal Ontario Museum. Plan to make room in your calendar to take part in the Unite In Worship Conference, in Toronto, weaving together the intricate history of our faith with one of the most important discoveries of all time: the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Begin to open up the world of the Scrolls more clearly by visiting the Royal Ontario Museum’s website to get a glimpse of what they are offering during this exciting exhibit. You may also want to take a bit of time to watch an informative short movie at the Israel Antiquities Authority website to begin to understand this important archaeological discovery.


Those are a few ways to get a head start before the conference and pique your interest… but no matter how you choose to learn, we’d love for you to join us at the conference with expert guest speakers, and amazing worship leaders. It’s all available at this website. We hope to see you then!


Steven Curtis Chapman and Maria's Big House of Hope

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It’s worth highlighting a recent announcement – although many may already know:  Steven Curtis Chapman announced the release of a new CD, coming this fall.

The best way to hear about it is from Steven himself… while sharing from the new and incredibly beautiful and miraculous “Maria’s Big House of Hope” in China, named in honour of his beloved little girl Maria who passed away more than a year ago…


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Australia -- the land down-under, and an exhausting17+-hour-flight-away -- seems to have a sort of magical appeal.  Other than being the land of kangaroos, koalas, surfing and sun, Sydney Australia is home to Hillsong Church and College.  The young men and women of Hillsong United have found a special place in many of our hearts, and have a huge following here in Canada.

A few other friends we’ve come to know from Hillsong church have recently left sunny Sydney and moved to the Toronto area. After serving on staff at Hillsong for 10 years, Julie and Damian are answering God’s call on their lives to live here and start a church….and several of their friends have come along to join in the fun! We have heard their vision and are amazed at their courage and faith.  We want to pass along the news of their new local church family as they busily get ready for opening day.  Vantage Church is ready to launch in just a few weeks; follow their blog, and perhaps you even live close enough to visit them.

Many of you who live elsewhere are also busy at work in your community.  No matter where you find yourself in your local church - whether the church is young or old, big or small - be encouraged to continue to live following Jesus with all your heart. Just like the word vantage church has chosen as their name, we can all have a good vantage point, or view of what God is doing, if we only look around. It is clear to see God is working through His people all over the world!

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