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A small group of people had the privilege of sitting in on some pretty great workshops during Christian Heritage Day on June 6th.

One of those leading a workshop was Tom Davis – author, communicator, missionary, father, ….  to name just a few of the many hats he wears.   He has become familiar to me over the past few years through his websites and books.  He travels extensively to follow His God-given passion to care for orphans, finding the neediest places and then making their needs known.  Tom has seen kids and entire orphanages sponsored through loving individuals and local churches.  Incredible.

One of his most recent projects was his first novel: Scared.  After receiving it in my hands, I began reading and just couldn’t put it down.  Beautiful, tragic and gripping are a few words that come to mind to describe this story that pulls at both your heart and soul.  I highly recommend his book and when you’re done with it, pass it on…. it will challenge and invite response from many of us that may dramatically change lives.


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What an incredible day we all had at Ontario Place last Saturday!

God gave us a beautiful blue sky, warm sunshine and soft breezes from the lake – perfect.  The red cheeks on faces Saturday evening were plentiful, along with the energy and expectancy as thousands gathered to sing and worship in the Molson Amphitheatre.

It would be so great to hear back from some of you who were there enjoying the entire day at Ontario Place, or perhaps standing in line all day to grab seats for the evening at Molson Amphitheatre.  To leave a comment, simply click on “read more” at the bottom of this blog…

A huge THANK YOU to all who came! You showed courtesy and respect, and were true examples of the love of Jesus during your fun-filled day.  Thanks for making Christian Heritage day a big success again!


we look forward to hearing from some of you...


God of Every City

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God of This City is an incredible song declaring God's work and goodness in our lives and in our cities. The song was born in the hearts of the members of Bluetree a band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Listen to Aaron Boyd talk about remarkable story behind the song - -



What a privilege we will have this Saturday to join Bluetree as they lead us in worship from the stage at the Molson Amphitheatre. We hope many of you will be able to join us for an awesome day of music, teaching and fun at Christian Heritage Day at Ontario Place, together declaring God is Lord of the city of Toronto, and of your city, no matter where you live...

...hope to see you there!


Strengthening the next generation

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Our ‘events calendar’ has been pretty full this spring, including a special event we hope you won't miss, especially for your kids and grandkids…. “GOD ROCKS!

Who doesn’t worry about negative advertising, and the lack of values bombarding our little ones? Growing up can be tough, and we want our kids to live the incredible lives God has for them – reaching the dreams He has put in their precious hearts. They are full of potential and strength, and we have the privilege of guiding and building into their future now. That’s why it’s awesome when something as fun and Christ-centred as GOD ROCKS! is available to fill our kids with God’s truth in such an entertaining and creative way! They’ll laugh, sing, and be captivated and entertained…. all while hearing God’s truth that will shape them into strong young people.

Let’s be sure to support such a unique event as GOD ROCKS!, coming to local theatres around the country. Send the message that God’s truth is what we want for our precious children – the next generation.




Write your Compassion Child

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If you sponsor a child through Compassion International, then you have a pen-pal.  Writing letters is an amazing way to get to know your sponsored child.  After visiting the Dominican Republic with Compassion a few years ago, we saw how incredibly treasured those letters are - - like valuable collectibles from a distant land!  Just imagine a little boy or girl receiving a letter from a stranger in a place far, far away… a stranger who has so much love, they’ve decided to help make their lives more full.

Did you know that you can also write your sponsored child a card through Compassion’s website?  It’s so convenient, easy and cute too.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve almost lost the art of letter writing with a pen and stationary… but I find it easy now to type a few lines on the computer in Compassion’s ready-to-use e-cards.  These cards, just like old-fashioned mail, will make its way to your sponsored child… then you get to wait for their reply. 

Check out this new resource, and take a few minutes to write your child - - the card and your words will bring a smile to their face.



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It’s finally spring – there is warmth in the air and new life all around.  Temperatures in our area are approaching 20 today and we’ll be out enjoying it.  The last place I would think of traveling right now is somewhere north where there is still snow and ice. The weather today in the territory of Nunavut is -7 C with snow in the forecast for the weekend!  Even with that in mind, we may consider planning a trip there sometime in the future.

We recently finished a 5-city tour in Ontario with Brian Doerksen – the first tour of the spring ’09 Unite Productions season.  It was fun, successful, and we saw many lives touched with the power of the Holy Spirit.  

There were several women at the Toronto evening who traveled pretty far to get to Brian’s concert.  He may agree it’s the furthest distance anyone ever came to hear him.  It took them several days and multiple planes to travel 2630 kilometers from Pangnirtung, Nunavut.  Look at this map, and you can see it takes a lot of effort to travel anywhere from Pangnirtung, Nunavut.  But they made it, and after an incredible evening of singing and worship, they had the opportunity to spend some time with Brian.

Now that we’re home, we’ve received an invitation to bring Brian and his team to Pangnirtung for a worship event.  The pastors of 2 local churches and the mayor have given their blessing for them to come.  I don’t know yet what we’ll do, but we will be open to travel to the far north to encourage believers and share the love of Jesus.  It’s exciting to see the doors open to opportunities we never would have imagined.

enjoy spring!

UPI team


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