A busy Fall

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Now that the entire team is back in the office, we're all focusing on the days ahead.  So much to do, and so much to look forward to!


Starfield have been busy on the road with Article One, traveling, singing and joining with believers to lift up the name of Jesus.  Their Canadian tour begins October 27th in Montreal - that's less than 2 weeks away - and we're excited to be together with many of our brothers and sisters celebrating God's love as we travel across the country.  Check out the Events link and mark the date on your calendar when Starfield are in a city near you!


The Unite In Worship Conference at the ROM in Toronto is the next BIG thing.  Be sure to look through all the information on this website and register.  We would love to see you there... and more than that, we would love to see you there being filled with encouragement, love and greater faith.


Next on the calendar is the exciting release of the iHeart film: We're All In This Together.  Take a look at the iHeart blog to follow all the excitement, and get involved in promoting the film to your circle of influence.  Put a big circle around November 4th on your calendar and join us at a theatre near you!


There's lots to get ready for and lots to do - - we hope you'll take advantage of all the exciting things that Unite Productions are bringing your way this Fall!


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