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Australia -- the land down-under, and an exhausting17+-hour-flight-away -- seems to have a sort of magical appeal.  Other than being the land of kangaroos, koalas, surfing and sun, Sydney Australia is home to Hillsong Church and College.  The young men and women of Hillsong United have found a special place in many of our hearts, and have a huge following here in Canada.

A few other friends we’ve come to know from Hillsong church have recently left sunny Sydney and moved to the Toronto area. After serving on staff at Hillsong for 10 years, Julie and Damian are answering God’s call on their lives to live here and start a church….and several of their friends have come along to join in the fun! We have heard their vision and are amazed at their courage and faith.  We want to pass along the news of their new local church family as they busily get ready for opening day.  Vantage Church is ready to launch in just a few weeks; follow their blog, and perhaps you even live close enough to visit them.

Many of you who live elsewhere are also busy at work in your community.  No matter where you find yourself in your local church - whether the church is young or old, big or small - be encouraged to continue to live following Jesus with all your heart. Just like the word vantage church has chosen as their name, we can all have a good vantage point, or view of what God is doing, if we only look around. It is clear to see God is working through His people all over the world!

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