Strengthening the next generation

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Our ‘events calendar’ has been pretty full this spring, including a special event we hope you won't miss, especially for your kids and grandkids…. “GOD ROCKS!

Who doesn’t worry about negative advertising, and the lack of values bombarding our little ones? Growing up can be tough, and we want our kids to live the incredible lives God has for them – reaching the dreams He has put in their precious hearts. They are full of potential and strength, and we have the privilege of guiding and building into their future now. That’s why it’s awesome when something as fun and Christ-centred as GOD ROCKS! is available to fill our kids with God’s truth in such an entertaining and creative way! They’ll laugh, sing, and be captivated and entertained…. all while hearing God’s truth that will shape them into strong young people.

Let’s be sure to support such a unique event as GOD ROCKS!, coming to local theatres around the country. Send the message that God’s truth is what we want for our precious children – the next generation.




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