Write your Compassion Child

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If you sponsor a child through Compassion International, then you have a pen-pal.  Writing letters is an amazing way to get to know your sponsored child.  After visiting the Dominican Republic with Compassion a few years ago, we saw how incredibly treasured those letters are - - like valuable collectibles from a distant land!  Just imagine a little boy or girl receiving a letter from a stranger in a place far, far away… a stranger who has so much love, they’ve decided to help make their lives more full.

Did you know that you can also write your sponsored child a card through Compassion’s website?  It’s so convenient, easy and cute too.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve almost lost the art of letter writing with a pen and stationary… but I find it easy now to type a few lines on the computer in Compassion’s ready-to-use e-cards.  These cards, just like old-fashioned mail, will make its way to your sponsored child… then you get to wait for their reply. 

Check out this new resource, and take a few minutes to write your child - - the card and your words will bring a smile to their face.


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